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External Data Orchestration with Explorium

Automatic 3rd party data integration into your
existing pipelines

Explorium makes data access and consumption easy
Through seamless 3rd party data integration into your existing data pipelines.

Manually matching and integrating external data sources with your core datasets can take months and requires valuable resources. For many organizations, the expected costs and delays are reason enough not to pursue new external data sources that could be vital for their decision making.

Explorium provides an automated solution that simplifies third party data integration to accelerate time-to-value. The Explorium External Data Cloud is designed to connect with your BI and analytics solutions, ML engines, and data visualization tools to help you derive competitive insights and predictions from the most relevant data enrichments.

Easy integration with your CRM
Keep your CRM enriched and up to date, using attributes pulled from the largest catalog of companies and contact data. Enjoy superior coverage and quality on key attributes such as firmographics and contact information.
Microsoft Azure Blob
Google Bigquery

Data Uploads

  • Explorium customers can easily upload datasets from local files or a variety of data storage solutions by using pre-built connectors, including Amazon S3, Google BigQuery, Microsoft Azure Blob Storage, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Salesforce, SFTP, Snowflake, and Teradata.
  • A simple configuration establishes the real time connection and users select the dataset they wish to upload.

Exporting Data & Features

  • Explorium customers can export the enriched dataset and auto-generated machine learning features to a variety of data stores or connect them to analytics or predictive modeling solutions.
  • The output connection is configured much like the input connection, based on the APIs of each solution (for example: create a timestamp file to send data to Microsoft Azure Blob and append the dataset to a table in Snowflake).
  • Datasets are exported within an automated recipe upon a predefined schedule.
Open API

Explorium data and processing recipes are available via an open API for 3rd party data integration with any applications or data management system. Customers use the API to query and consume all the enriched data from Explorium into their analytics or ML solution.

Data and Feature Downloads

Explorium allows customers to export data into a CSV file, enabling them to leverage the complete enriched dataset within 3rd party systems for visualization, analysis, or model training.

Data Security

Explorium prioritizes security in every aspect of our products and processes and complies with the most rigid standards and regulations (ISO 27001, 27701 and 9001 certificates, SOC 2 Type 2 certificate, GDPR and CCPA compliant). All data is encrypted in transit and at rest. Traffic with the above connectors is encrypted using HTTPS protocol and TLS 1.2 (or higher). Learn more about Exporium’s secure data acquisition practices.

External Data Orchestration with Explorium
Explorium makes data access and consumption easy through seamless 3rd party data integration into your existing data pipelines.
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