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Empowering data scientists to generate breakthroughs and drive better predictive outcomes
Automated data discovery for data scientists

Built by data scientists for data scientists

It’s relatively easy to train predictive models but increasingly more difficult to find the right data to feed them. While other machine learning platforms help you choose the best model, no other platform can do it all:

Automatically tap into a universe of potentially helpful datasets
Extract and select the most accurate set of features
Write your own code on top of a powerful engine
Build and export production-ready models

Let’s break it down

Automated data discovery for data scientists

Automated data discovery

Select your target column and connect your training data to the Explorium platform. We’ll take it from there by automatically identifying the different meanings behind the columns of your dataset; enriching it with public, premium, open, and partner data sources; and performing matching for you.
Automated data discovery for data scientists

Advanced feature generation and feature serving

With Explorium, every column has meaning. The Explorium platform automatically understands your data based on context and, through automatic feature engineering and an internal ranking mechanism based on feature interactions, feature scoring, and proprietary algorithms, presents you with an optimal feature set. Consume these signals directly in our platform or in production without the need for IT to re-code them.
Automated data discovery for data scientists

Get creative with your own code

Imagine having the ability to write code and generate features based on any data source out there. From census and foot traffic data to website scraping, our Creatives feature allows you to write your own code and extract features from any of our data sources. This way you can integrate your own domain knowledge with our powerful data discovery engine and together we can discover new and meaningful features that take your model’s accuracy to the next level.
Automated data discovery for data scientists

Production-ready models

Explorium provides you with a feature set that allows you to decide instantly if you want to consume features directly or build a model on top of them. Use our Python SDK to interact directly with the Explorium engine API from your code or work with our user-friendly interface to perform.

What’s in it for you?


You can rarely depend on hyperparameter tweaking to improve your predictive power and when you need to show business value fast, taking months and tons of resources to improve your models with better data is not an option. Explorium allows you to harness automated data discovery and advanced feature generation in minutes for a quick impact.


Your time is precious. Instead of getting stuck with tedious, time-consuming tasks, focus on strategic projects that drive value and let us do the heavy lifting. Explorium reduces the noise and lets data scientists focus on their north star: building the best models with the best data and the best features.


Wherever you use machine learning predictive models with structured, semi-structured, and supervised machine learning in your business you can use Explorium. From lead scoring and marketing optimization to risk modeling and sales predictions, Explorium allows you to embed ML in every business process and scale by operationalizing internal and external data sources into a single platform.

"Explorium offers one of the most ingenious and robust data science platforms we've come across. The valuable work we've been able to conduct in Explorium's platform has allowed us to evolve our fraud detection capabilities and mature them significantly in a very short time."

Andrew Stone, CFCI, Director of Fraud Management, OnDeck

“Explorium’s unique value is that it allows us to easily enrich our data sources and also helps us to quickly evaluate the value of these data points in our models. Explorium provides the unique combination of being both a data source provider as well as a modeling platform. In addition to that, Explorium provides great support and expert advice from their data science and product teams.”

Hagit Brosh, Head of Risk, Behalf

"Explorium provides rich alternative data sources that are critical for effective predictive modeling."

Jian Tian, Data Scientist, BlueVine

“The ease of use and flexibility of Explorium allows us to launch new use cases on a monthly basis with minimal effort but maximum impact.”

Nadav Yekutiel, Head of Data,

Data scientists across industries use Explorium for lifetime value predictions, promotion recommendations, claims management, and more.

Drive breakthroughs with external data discovery and feature engineering like you've never seen before.

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