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The Future of Field Sales: Predictive Prospecting in the CPG Industry

Consumer-packaged-goods companies are facing an
evolving consumer behavior landscape responding to a
weakened economy and high inflation, this following the
changes triggered by the pandemic. Though the
circumstances are challenging, projections for growth in
these dynamic circumstances are higher than in the past.
These positive outlooks are accompanied by some
caveats. Although consumer demand and purchases are
expected to remain strong, changing consumer buying
habits compel CPGs to change as well.

So, what’s occupying the minds of consumer goods
leaders as they navigate an uncertain economy? How to
achieve profitable growth as they try to do more with less.
In particular, in the ways they segment, market, and sell in
this new, hard-to-predict era.

The changes in important components of the sales
landscape make it more crucial for CPGs, especially those
that sell to small and local businesses like restaurants,
medical clinics, etc., to be able to clearly identify all the
relevant targets, to obtain valuable information about
them, and to use this knowledge to prioritize the right
targets and run a more efficient field sales operation.

This white paper addresses the challenges CPGs face in
their changed and evolving landscape by describing the
Explorium Predictive Prospecting solution, which provides
the information to guide your segmenting, marketing and
sales activities. It presents a solution that is part access to
vast, diverse, comprehensive data and part machine
learning and AI capabilities used to build powerful,
predictive lead scoring models. The solution is already
used by CPGs to drive efficient growth through their field
sales organization.