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AI is Making BI Obsolete, and Machine Learning is Leading the Way

AI vs BI is an often debated topic but there’s no mistaking the fact that with predictive power, AI is going to change business intelligence. BI can help you start making sense of your data, but it still expects you to do the heavy lifting when it comes to finding insights. Building predictive models that can cut down your decision time and offer better insights is a must, but achieving them sounds impossible.

So, why are we still hung up on BI? It’s time to embrace a paradigm that empowers us to make smarter, better predictions using real data. With machine learning leading the way, data science is quickly making BI obsolete.

This AI vs BI whitepaper covers: 

  • How data science is helping analytics take a leap forward
  • The importance of focusing on the models you use to analyze your data
  • Use cases that you can implement in your organization