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Building the Dream Team: Who Should Be Part of Your Data Science Organization?

Creating a rock star data science team is about so much more than tracking down the right job titles or developing the right algorithms.

Sure, you need the technical skills – or technologies – to make your projects a success. But just as importantly, your team needs to be adept at building bridges across the organization. At securing the buy-in of colleagues in all areas of business. At translating domain expertise and business challenges into machine learning models.

In this whitepaper, we cut through the noise to explain exactly which skills and roles are most vital for your data science team.

You’ll discover: 

  • Why you need great communicators, storytellers, and problem-solvers
  • Which tasks require specialists – and which can be achieved with top tools and platforms
  • How to combine IT, machine learning, and business insight
  • How to build your data science team using the resources you have in-house