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Where’s the Weakest Link? Understanding Risk in Supply Networks

When you think about risks to your supply chain, what springs to mind? An earthquake? A supplier going bust? A global pandemic? Extreme events like these clearly pose huge dangers to supply networks – but you’re far more likely to be caught out by something entirely mundane.

A delivery of business-critical materials delayed by a day or two, just as you’re running low, for example.  A cyberattack on a shipping company used by one of your suppliers. An equipment failure in an office somewhere way back in the chain that sets off a butterfly effect of disruption, spiraling costs, and missed orders.

In our deeply interconnected, globalized world, it’s harder and harder to track the weak spots in your supply chain. Or how a minor problem can spiral into a much bigger issue as it progresses along the chain.

That’s why we created this handy guide to understanding, modeling, and mitigating supply chain risk using supply chain risk analytics.

In it, you’ll discover:

  • How cyberattacks, quality failures, counterfeit goods, changing regulations and price volatilities in your supply chain translate into major financial risks
  • How seemingly small problems snowball into business catastrophes and how supply chain risk analytics can spot them early
  • The strategies and technologies that will help you build better, stronger risk models for your supply chain risk analytics