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Geospatial Data

Geospatial data provides geographical and location-specific information. It can provide insights on supply chains, foot traffic, property value trends, location-based demographics, and more. 

Some more examples of geospatial data are: 

  • Demographic information:
    • Population
    • Age distribution
    • Average income
    • Population density
  • Property information:
    • Average property value
    • Average property lot size
    • Property characteristics
    • Rental statistics
    • Mortgages and loans in area
  • Purchasing behavior:
    • Likelihood to buy certain products
    • Retail spending patterns
    • Retail turnover
    • Retail centrality
  • Business information: 
    • POI: number of businesses nearby by category
    • Foot traffic information: number of visits in the area, places people visited on the same day, etc.
    • Tourist attributes: hotels and attraction characteristics (number of hotel rooms in an area, etc.)

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