People Data

This includes information about individuals that can be B2B contacts, consumers, customers, clients, guests, professionals such as physicians, or members of various organizations. People can even monetize their own data by selling it to personal data marketplaces. Individuals can share demographic data, shopping preferences, and more. 

Some more examples of people data are:

  • Internet Behavior: 
    • Web presence score (by activity on social networks, forum mentions, etc.)
    • Social networks and social mentions
    • Search engine results
    • Proxy usage
  • Economic Information: 
    • Economic stability
    • Estimated income
    • Investing interests
    • Loan/lending information
  • Interests and Habits: 
    • Hobbies
    • Interests by industry: apparel, groceries, music, sports, gifts, art, culture, and more
  • Spending: 
    • Spending information by industry: music, sports and leisure, travel, beauty, apparel, and more
    • Online spending habits
    • Credit card usage


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