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    Leaves are falling, the clock’s turned back, but the pace at Explorium is upward and onward. Here are the latest data developments designed to make your work smoother and more focused.

    Firmographic Data

    Explorium’s company identifiers – BETA

    For many use cases you need to verify that the company you’re looking at is the right one. Explorium used its secret sauce and created a product for entity resolution (ER) to help you out. The product uses a dual-level business entity identification system that returns a code unique to the entity’s company ID level and physical site ID level. These IDs provide flexibility for many use cases: deduplicating datasets, improving their quality, optimizing match rates, connecting several datasets together, and more.

    Data is sourced from a consolidation of industry-standard providers into a data store of company entities derived from Explorium’s ER logic.

    Recommended signals:

    • Company ID – generated for any type of site or location
    • Place ID – created for each of the business’ specific sites or locations

    Input data classifications:

    • Company name
    • URL
    • Address

    Firmographics bundle improvements

    Access essential information on global companies, including revenue range, company size, industry codes, and more. This data source combines and cross-checks information between multiple sources of data to provide as much coverage and accuracy as possible.

    Improvements made:

    • Increased coverage to US businesses
    • Improved Zip-code data classification matching logic
    • Coverage increase to latitude and longitude signals in US

    Company’s credit score

    Enriches company data with a credit score between 0-100, indicating the company’s level of financial risk, with a lower credit score indicating higher risk. This is valuable in determining whether a company would be a trustworthy customer. Credit scores are calculated based on revenue, profits, assets, liabilities, and more. This is an improved version of a signal previously available in the Firmographics bundle.

    Bundle info:

    • Updates quarterly
    • Consists of data sourced from a leading prover of company credit scores and reports together with propriety signals

    Input data classifications

    • Company name
    • URL
    • Address

    Top signals

    • Company’s credit score
    • Company’s credit score range
    • Company’s credit score category

    Contact data

    Email address coverage improvement

    • ~6M new emails for professionals were ingested into our repositories!
    • New business emails for over ~1M businesses
    • Gained coverage for 300K new businesses

    Access new emails in the following bundles: Business contacts directory & Contacts for professional individuals.

    Generate audiences additions

    Two new data providers were ingested into Explorium’s data repositories. This resulted in ~13M new business records available in the Generate audiences and ~17M business records that were refreshed

    Explorium’s rigorous data provider onboarding process involves Entity Resolution processes, as well as quality assessment and much more, to verify and validate the new data.

    Bundle improvement: Business contacts directory

    Coverage increase of 1M companies and 20M contacts, in addition to the improvement listed above, plus improved data formatting. Enrichment now returns up to 1,000 contacts associated with the input company, scored by their job title level and the presence of contact information (one-to-many), following feedback from users. The goal of this enrichment is to provide the contact information of employees in a business for marketing user flows.

    • Records for over ~2M companies and ~48M professionals are now available in the bundle and just a few clicks away
    • New signals added: First name, Last name, Professional email validity status, Facebook URL, Twitter URL, Employee location

    Real estate data

    Bundle improvement: Real estate essential data

    New signals were added, and data was refreshed. This bundle contains key insights into property valuations, tax assessments, transactions, ownership, characteristics, and much more on 130M US properties. From lot size to owner status, this data can enhance the marketing abilities, or provide a more accurate risk assessment of owners or potential buyers.