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    Salesforce’s customers can now feed unique, powerful data signals, enrich accounts and contacts, and give the sales team the best ammunition as they target accounts, all without ever leaving their Salesforce dashboard. 

    External data should enhance and refine what’s already in your CRM. But at the same time you want to make sure that only valid and compliant data makes its way into your CRM.

    Explorium’s Salesforce connector leverages the size and quality of Explorium’s External data cloud to fine tune the leads already in your Salesforce. With the connector now available in Salesforce’s AppExchange, sales and marketing teams can enrich Salesforce objects like accounts and contacts with the relevant attributes from the external data cloud, add a lead score and disseminate the information throughout the go-to-market organization.

    Customer spotlight: Refining inbound leads and lead scoring in the data cloud

    A world-leading web advertising agency that powers recommendations for the open web brings in thousands of daily inbound leads. They didn’t necessarily need more data: they needed a way to accelerate the filtering and scoring of the leads using their own data plus external data .

    Using Explorium’s Salesforce Connector, they easily and seamlessly integrated their own data about each lead with Explorium’s External Data Cloud to learn more about the lead and perform a more accurate scoring.

    This process allowed them to quickly identify and get rid of the “bad” leads – leads that were not in their ICP or were not eligible to use their platform. The sales team could then focus on the “good” leads

    Using Explorium’s Salesforce Connector ensures that Salesforce remains the source of truth about a lead, while removing the limits about what information Salesforce can integrate about that lead. The range of information extends to thousands of unique and high-quality data signals on businesses and decision makers, such as technographic data, business ratings and reviews, social media data, website traffic, foot traffic, company growth indicators, and much more.

    Salesforce AppExchange expands the reach of Explorium’s external data

    Making the Explorium Connector available on Salesforce AppExchange is the latest way we’re helping sales, marketing and revops teams gain maximal impact from external data. They can now seamlessly connect their own data, from within Salesforce, to the external data cloud for lead gen, filtering, enhancement and scoring.

    Using the Explorium Salesforce Connector, you can now enrich your CRM with trusted, customized B2B data, using attributes pulled from the largest catalog of companies and contact data. You enjoy superior coverage and quality on key attributes such as firmographics and contact information, and customize the attributes so they match your unique business needs.

    Your sales team’s efficiency will be significantly improved as they now have the most impactful signals about a prospect, and its score, in Salesforce.

    Learn more about Explorium, or request a demo today for your first look into the external data cloud.