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    Exciting new capabilities in our platform and data offerings, helping you to intuitively understand the correlation of the signal to the target prediction, and significand improvements to important data bundles.  

    Read on to learn about the latest product and data developments from Explorium.

    Analyze predictive signals with ‘Plots’

    Analyzing and selecting predictive signals becomes more intuitive when understanding the correlation of the signal to the target prediction. Plots help you understand that correlation.

    Plots are enabled for binary classification, multi-class classification and regression prediction problems.

    Analyze category signals using bar charts describing the correlation between each category and the target prediction column
    Analyze numeric signals using histogram charts describing the correlation between each numeric bin  and the target prediction column.
    It is also possible to drill-down into each specific numeric bin. 
    Analyze text signals using a word cloud. Text signals are processed through automated word extraction. The word cloud chart displays significant words that are either positively or negatively correlated with the prediction target. 

    Coverage improvement: global person profiles

    Access profiles of people from around the world. Including information about their educational background, career history, current job title, and much more.
    Global profiles are available in the following bundles:

    Contacts for professionals: 

    Enrich an individual’s email to discover additional attributes about them. Including their workplace, job title, demographic, and much more.

    • Ideal for inbound lead enrichment
    • Refreshed quarterly

    Business contacts directory: 

    Enrich a company’s URL to access a full contact and profile directory of the people who report working at the business.

    • Ideal for outbound lead enrichment
    • Refreshed quarterly

    Bundle improvement: Webstack

    Enrich a domain or URL to access an overview of the technologies used to construct a website. Technologies are identified by ‘indicative signals’ from the domain that are affected by the website forming technologies. Additional metadata found on the website is accessible in this bundle. This bundle is updated dynamically, with the oldest accessible record dating 3 months. (This bundle was formerly named ‘Domain technologies’)

    Bundle improvements:

    Improved performance

    Naming changes to improve user experience