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    Significant enhancements to the platform and data, allowing you to automatically discover impactful attributes based on your own data and drive powerful predictions. Read on to learn about the latest product and data developments from Explorium.

    The new Predict module makes it easier than ever to utilize past data to successfully predict your business target on new records, by discovering impactful predictive signals (attributes)  and driving powerful predictions.  

    With the new predict module, data practitioner can now:

    • Quickly discover relevant and highly predictive external data signals, out of a catalog of thousands of signals, using “next best signal to add”  suggestions.  (see figure 1)  
    • Create ‘Training’ and ‘Scoring’ recipes:   (see figure 2)
      • Add pre-processing steps to your data such as data cleansing and transformations 
      • Add the predictive signals identified by the model and the prediction results by selecting a model and checking ‘Add to Recipe’ 
      • Add-post processing steps such as filters or column renaming
    • Export signals and predictions through platform integrations to CRM’s and Data stores or through an API .

    Figure 1: Recommended predictive signals highlighted 

    Figure 2: Predictive signals and model added to the recipe 

    New bundle: ‘Intent data and IT spending’

    Marketing and sales leaders gain an advantage by using intent data to understand which prospects are ripe to buy products and services, based on an organization’s online activity.  

    Access intent data listing the topics, products, and services that interest a company, scores gauging the company’s interest in a topic, and more information such as IT department spending. High levels of interest in a topic are used to assess a company’s intent to purchase certain products and services. This information can be leveraged for lead-scoring use cases and more.

    Bundle info:

    • Sourced from an industry leader in intent data 
    • Updated quarterly
    • Intent data available for ~300K companies, mostly in the tech industry
    • Covers over 6K topics in over 35 categories

    Bundle improvement: Contacts for professionals

    Access contact information sourced from the professional profiles created by individuals. Including email addresses, phone numbers, social platform URLs, and additional new signals added to this bundle. This information is especially useful in providing up-to-date leads for direct-to-consumer marketing use cases, and more. 

    New signals-

    • Skills: a list of all skills reported by the individual on their profile.
    • Interests: a list of all interests reported by the individual on their profile.
    • All degrees: list of all degree entries listed on the individual’s profile. Includes degree category and subject. E.g Bachelor of Science, Master of Business Administration.
    • Educational background: list of educational background entries on the individual’s profile. May include: institutions name, institutions website, degree category, major, start date, end date, and more. Includes current educational activities if listed. 
    • Work experience background: list of work experience background entries on the individual’s profile. May include: company name, company website, job title, seniority level, role, start date, end date, and more. Includes current work experience activities if listed.
    • Additionally coverage improvements were made to the the Gender and Age signals.

    Bundle improvement: IP information

    Access IP address and geolocation information, with new signals providing indications if the true IP is masked. Used for identity validation and fraud detection use cases. Updated weekly.

    New signals-

    • IP uses VPN
    • IP uses Proxy
    • IP uses Tor
    • IP uses private relay

    New bundles: demographics

    Access demographic data per US Zipcode, for example ‘Income per capita by ethnicity’, ‘Median age by ethnicity and gender’, and ‘Population distribution by ethnicity’. The data includes group distributions, year-over-year (YoY) trends, comparisons between local and national demographic trends, and much more. For additional information contact us. Used for both B2B and B2C lead scoring. 

    Bundle info:

    • Sourced from US government survey data
    • Data available for all US Zipcodes

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