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    2023 has just started – but we already have some exciting news for you. Read on to learn about the latest product and data developments from Explorium.

    Website keywords filter

    You can now use our generate module to find companies (world wide) by searching for specific words that appear on their website.
    For example – find all restaurants in NYC that mention ‘beyond meat’ on their website.

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    New recipe experience

    We’ve released a new and improved recipe experience showcasing the pipeline building experience

    Generate module improvements

    • Enhanced global coverage  – 15 new countries, over 40M companies
    • New company keywords filter – allows you to search contacts by using keywords in their company description
    • New company specialities filter – allows you to search contacts by their company speciality.
    • New website keywords filter – allow you to search for specific keywords inside companies’ websites

    Data bundle improvement: Search engine results on companies

    This bundle provides rich insights and results about companies and other queried terms from leading search engines. Two new JSON signals were added to this bundle, allowing data practitioners to leverage this bundle’s information for complex use cases involving data extractions and more.

    New signals:

    • Raw results – raw and organic results returned by the search engine regarding the searched term. List includes: position in list of returned results, result title, returned link, result’s publishing date,  text snippet, related addresses and descriptions if exist, index date, and more.
    • Knowledge graph – key most useful information summarized by the search engine regarding the searched term. 

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