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    Exciting new capabilities in our platform and data offerings, providing you with a deeper understanding of your target audience, as well as new attributes that contribute more information about each target account.  

    Read on to learn about the latest product and data developments from Explorium.

    New TAM Dashboard

    We are excited to introduce our new TAM dashboard, designed to help you analyze your total addressable market (TAM) and provide you with a deeper understanding of your target audience. 

    With this dashboard, you can explore how the target audience breaks down into categories and sub-categories, location, revenue, and headcount.

    Whether you’re interested in understanding how your ICP breaks down between different states or want to get an instant view of how much enterprise, SMB, and microbusiness your TAM contains, our dashboard has got you covered.

    With just a few clicks, you can gain valuable insights into your target audience’s demographics, helping you to tailor your sales and marketing efforts to their needs and preferences.

    Bundle improvement: Firmographics

    Access essential information on global companies, including revenue range, company size, industry codes, and more. This data source combines and cross-checks information between multiple data sources to provide as much coverage and accuracy as possible.

    New signals:

    • Name of containing business – If the selected company on the site level is located or nested within another business, the name of the containing business is displayed. E.g Target is the containing business for ~1,300 Starbucks sites. 

    Keep in mind that not many businesses are located within other businesses, affecting this signal’s fill rate.

    • Company’s alternate URLs – List of alternate base URLs pointing to the company’s main URL. 

    New demographic data bundle: Age distribution by gender

    Access the population percentiles of age groups by Zipcode and distributed by gender, year-over-year (YoY) changes in the percentile of each age group, and a comparison of the age group’s local distribution to the national distribution. Used for both B2B and B2C lead scoring

    Bundle info:

    • Sourced from US government survey data
    • Data available for all US Zipcodes

    Bundle improvement: Consumer spending and habits

    Consumer habit and spending data on individuals is used for LTV prediction, consumer segmentation, and consumer lead scoring. Likelihood scores are based on credit card data, survey data, geographic data, and more. Covering many categories of spending and interests, the following bundles can now be queried using the email data classification.