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    Exciting new capabilities and improvements in our data and platform offerings, providing you with better insight into companies’ technology stack and ability to evaluate your models using test datasets.

    Read on to learn about the latest data and product developments from Explorium.

    Coverage improvement: Technographics

    Technographic data is a type of market intelligence data providing insight into the technology stack and technology usage of companies. This type of data is the industry standard for businesses looking to optimize their sales and marketing efforts. 

    Coverage improvement info:

    • Technographic data covers US companies
    • Most of the companies are SMBs
    • 97.5% coverage for F500 companies

    Evaluate model runs using a hold-out test set

    With model run evaluation, it’s now possible to upload a hold out test set and evaluate a model run over that test set. The evaluation results include  predictions and performance metrics to ensure the model performs as expected.

    In order to evaluate a model run, first create  model runs in the ‘Exploration’ workbench. Then,  move into  the ‘Evaluation’ tab and select one of the model runs that were created during ‘Exploration’.

    The Evaluation result showcases the evaluated model metrics, a confusion matrix and for classification problems – a plot that enables simulating and determining the prediction threshold.
    If the results are not satisfactory,  iterate again   in the ‘Exploration’ tab to create other model runs and return to ‘Evaluation’ in order to assess them over your hold-out. 

    It is also possible to download the predictions the evaluated model inferred over the uploaded  testing set for offline evaluation.  Please note that downloading may incur consumption credits deduction.

    When the evaluation results are satisfactory, In order to start using the evaluated model for production inference, add it to the recipe (Actions->add to recipe).