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Explorium External Data Cloud

Fuel your analytics with the right external data and find a competitive edge.

The external data cloud that finds and integrates the most relevant external data signals into your data pipelines.

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Source custom data sets to build targeted sales and marketing prospecting lists. Search our data by contacts, industry, business type, and geography to generate a customized list and reach your target audience.


Enrich and expand your internal data with thousands of external data signals. Refine your segmentation, define your ideal customer profile more likely to purchase your products and services and boost sales, add context for analytical and ML use cases.



Optimize predictive models with relevant external data features. Leverage sophisticated ML capabilities to automatically discover the most impactful signals and improve your model’s accuracy. Deploy the models or download the feature list.

Example Datasets

Enrich your data with relevant signals:

Company Icon Company Icon Company
Person Icon Person Icon Person
Geography Icon Geography Icon Geography
  • Financial performance
  • Business web presence
  • Company growth indicators
  • Organization signals
  • Company workforce trends
  • Domain technologies
  • Web traffic analysis
  • Company search engine results
  • Industry payroll statistics
  • Company registry data
  • Company insights
  • Company ratings by employees
  • Shopping behavior
  • Contact information
  • Employment details
  • Demographic attributes
  • Interests
  • Mortgage information
  • Loan information
  • Phone validation
  • Travel and entertainment
  • IP attributes
  • Insurance information
  • Name statistics
  • Area housing statistics
  • Household demographics
  • Household income
  • Points of interest
  • City crime statistics
  • Commercial foot-traffic
  • Real estate prices
  • Urban and rural information
  • Tourism statistics
  • Population by zipcode
  • Real estate housing Unit Size
  • Prime rates

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