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Webinar: New Year’s Resolution for Data Scientists – Accessing Better Data

Most data scientists are already searching for external data sources to improve the accuracy of their machine learning models and to fuel business growth. But, if 2020 taught us anything, it’s that relying on internal, historical data is insufficient for making business decisions in an unpredictable world. At Explorium, we believe there is a better way to access the right external data by automating data discovery and feature generation.

Join David Goldsmith, head of data partnerships, Kevin Kahn, director of sales, and Dedy Kredo, head of customer-facing data science, on Wednesday, December 16, at 9am PST, as they discuss why 2021 is the year data scientists need to access better data and how you can connect to a variety of sources to fuel different use cases across industries. In this webinar, you will learn:

What external data sources are available and the use cases they fuel
How connecting to the right data automatically boosts your effectiveness
How Explorium automates data discovery and feature generation (live demo)