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The CxO perspective – 3 ways to prioritize your targets using ML

Predictive models based on the right data are the tools you need to use in order to drive efficient growth.
AI/ML capabilities continue to spread across B2B marketing, sales and customer success organizations. Using them, GTM organizations can swiftly decide whether to continue with a potential customer, improve their business prioritization, and enable the sales team to focus on the right target businesses with fact-based lead scores.
Hear the CxO vision and perspective on what it takes to streamlining systems and tools between Sales, Marketing and Customer Platforms for accurate Predictive Analytics, focusing on 3 specific use cases:

  • Sales: Identify all relevant businesses in the TAM and prioritize them with fact-based lead scores that power data-driven GTM strategies.
  • Marketing: Gain real time understanding of the importance of every incoming lead, through an automated, scalable, fully data-driven process that allows you to rapidly and accurately prioritize, segment, route, and retarget marketing leads.
  • RevOps: Empower the entire GTM organization with an improved understanding of how well the account fits within your ICP, using data- and ML-based scores, and unique data points populated to your CRM system