Drive Revenue With Smarter Lead Scoring Using Enhanced Datasets

Boost your sales and target the right customers with augmented lead scoring and enriched data

For all the improvements and innovation in the field, marketing remains bound to two constants: the need to identify leads, and the need to convert them into customers. Now more than ever, the amount of data that marketing campaigns and touchpoints with potential customers generate lets marketers create better profiles of their leads.
The problem

A leading marketing firm has a tried-and-true method for customer scoring models which relies heavily on information the company can collect, including which ad customers click on; the products a lead views on a website; their level of engagement; and if they signed up for newsletters, subscriptions, or further gated content. However, the company’s dependence on their own internal data has become a limitation, impacting the quality of their leads and thus affecting their ability to convert leads into customers.

The solution

Our customer connected their data to Explorium and created a new lead scoring model that combines their internally captured data with several sources from Explorium’s Enrichment Catalog. Doing this allowed them to create the following indicators: 

    • Social media interactions with the product and others in the category 
    • Number of previous purchases in the same category
    • Spending potential and financial stability metrics
    • Demographic data including cohort group preferences
    • Search engine queries in related fields
    • Online purchases of more than $30 in the previous 6 months
The results:

Better leads for higher conversion rates

Before enhancing their lead scoring models by connecting them to external data sources, our customer was only converting roughly 65% of its leads into opportunities and then sales. This meant plenty of potential customers left on the table and a lead scoring pipeline that wasn’t doing its job. After augmenting their lead scoring with Explorium, the company improved their conversions by 18%. This resulted in more accurately scored leads and more importantly leads that were easier to convert once they reached the bottom of the funnel. By using Explorium’s Enrichment Catalog, our customer managed to target better leads, improve their conversions, and drive higher revenues.

Enrich your lead scoring models with external data and impact your pipeline instantly.

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