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    The core workflow for marketing and sales teams is to generate awareness and leads, which convert to sales opportunities, and ultimately revenue for the company. These are the key metrics to track marketing efforts and sales performance. Many businesses use Salesforce CRM to manage this process, the most popular CRM platform (customer relationship management) by customer count (over 150,000). To support marketing efforts and prospecting, businesses will also purchase data from various data providers to gather information and data points such as firmographics, demographics, behavioral/intent, technographics, contact information, and other relevant customer data. The reason many businesses purchase data is for contact data, segmentation analysis, and to discover accounts and prospects open to their products and services. These datasets provide net new leads more quickly but poor data quality, low coverage, or even bad datasets can hinder efforts and frustrate both marketing and sales teams. 

    Explorium’s External Data Platform now connects to Salesforce, opening up new functionality and opportunities. There are three main use cases that will improve lead and data quality when using Explorium with Salesforce: lead generation, lead enrichment, and predictive lead scoring. 

    Boost lead generation

    If you’re looking to leverage B2B data sets more easily, Explorium combines data from dozens of B2B data sources, in a single platform, so you can access data customized for your business and build targeted sales and marketing prospecting lists for effective B2B lead generation. Search our B2B data by large or small business, business type, industry, or geography, for example “barbershops/hair salons in San Francisco”. Load those accounts and contacts into Salesforce and help your sales team reach your target audience.

    Generate Leads with Explorium

    Enhance lead enrichment

    Explorium’s lead enrichment solution expands your internal Salesforce data with thousands of external data signals (columns) to better understand and target buyers. Enrich your data, refine your segmentation, and define your ideal customer profile more likely to purchase your products and services to boost sales.

    Lead Enrichment with Explorium

    Improve lead scoring

    Build predictive lead scoring models in Explorium enhanced with external data features and optimize your pipeline instantly. Leverage data driven machine learning algorithms and direct high quality leads in Salesforce to the right sales reps to streamline your marketing and sales teams processes.

    Improve Predictive Models with Explorium


    Once Explorium and Salesforce are connected and the steps have been defined, your Salesforce admins can automate the process. New records can be enriched automatically and net new leads can be added into Salesforce on a scheduled basis.

    Effective use of external data is a competitive advantage and unlocks new opportunities. Using Explorium and Salesforce together will empower your marketing and sales teams to target potential customers in ways that weren’t possible before. Find net new prospects not in your internal data by finding new accounts to target with external data. Boost marketing efforts and streamline your sales process by guiding your sellers to those accounts most likely to convert to profitable customers – use Explorium with Salesforce and generate more business for your company.

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