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Webinar: Stay Ahead of the Competition with Better Predictive Power

Most companies run predictive models based on limited, internal data because hunting for external data is too expensive, labor-intensive, and uncertain. However, the quality and quantity of available data dictates the overall accuracy of the model. That’s where augmented data discovery can help.
In this on-demand webinar, join data science experts Maor Shlomo, Explorium CEO and one of Forbes 30 under 30, and Victor Ghadban, AI and ML evangelist with 20+ years of experience in advanced analytics, to learn how automated data discovery removes the time and resource constraints in traditional data acquisition and keeps you ahead of the competition with more powerful insights.
Watch this webinar now and learn:

  • Why it’s a combination of quality and quantity of the data that matters
  • How can you access thousands of data sources without spending weeks to months searching for them
  • Real-time AI/ML use cases for fraud and risk prevention that are deployed today